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Sport is SHINee friend??

Taemin i Minho w błocie....widok bezcenny :)
Taemin and Minho covered in mud... priceless :D

Taemin na jednej z wysp tak mniemam!
Taemin on one of the islands I suppose

Jaki uśmiech, i od razu chce się ćwiczyć razem z naszymi idolami!
Doesn't dat smile make you want do exercise too? 

Jakie piękne widoki....(mowa o morzu)
What a beautiful view... I'm talking about the sea of course

Z Girls Generation...^^
With Girls Generation^^

Nie ma to jak zgrana paczka, która bawi się w błocie :)

I fajna zabawa
That looks fun!

Jakie fajne stroje! Kto się ze mną zgadza??
Cool outfits, don't cha think so? xD

No i Taemin na tle przejrzystej tafli wody ^^

Jako PIRAT!? (za dużo Spongeboba)
Oh, it's a pirate. And I've though he was Adolf Hitler >.>

I znowu ze znajomymi
Again with

Asia unni prawie dostała zawału widząc to zdjęcie....Minho WOW ^^
Asia unni almost got a hearth attack seeing this photo... nice 6pac Minho xD

Jakie chłopaki, napakowani jak trzeba

(even though they are not SHINee these guys went on vacacion together with them)

Jestem pod wrażeniem
I'm impressed.

Jak Miło :)
How nice :)

A po pływaniu czas na drinka
After swimming time for a drink.

Jak orzeźwiająco ^^
So refreshing 

Minho....i Taemin w oddali
Minho.... and Taemin in the distance (it looks like a beginning of holiday rrrromance for me :x)

Impreza, impreza...a czy drugi od prawej to nie Alexander  z U-KISS??
Party, party... isn't the second from the right U-KISS's Alexander??

SNSD iiiiiii Minho
SNSD aaaand Minho

Na plaży fajnie jest
It's so niiice on the beach 

uuga bugga

Taemin wygląda tutaj jak koń ^^
Asia unni: Taemin looks like horse here ^^
H: WTF? Id this how a horse looks like in your opinion? o-O

Ohhh jak ładnie
Ohhh so pretty

Co za zadowolona mina.
'I'm so cool, I have facial painting fak yeah'

I fotka na koniec.
And the last photo.

Więc widzicie moi mili, nawet nasze ulubione gwiazdy w nadmiarze zajęć znajdują czas by poćwiczyć. Czy jesteś leniem lub nie po prostu bierz przykład z idoli i ćwicz ile w lezie, bo ruch to zdrowie (i azjatycka figurka).

As you can see mah dears even damn it I'm too lazy and it doesn't make sense since nobody reads this. Imma going to write something more later ciao !

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KBS2 Music Bank PD Lee JaeWoo picks SHINee Onew’s fainting incident on the show as the most nerve-wrecking memory on the show for the past 1 year.

The PD was interviewed on 10th March and he was asked which was the most difficult/tiring thing that happened in the past 1 year and he answered, “It was Onew fainting and then sent to the hospital.

Last June, Onew had fainted on the show after getting a shock from the falling of the lighting structure on the show, and with the help of the other members and their manager, he was sent to emergency at the hospital.

Even though the health examinations showed that Onew did not suffer from any major injuries, it was a nerve-wrecking incident. The PD recalls that fans had though that it was a serious accident causing Onew to have even fainted.

The PD said, “At that time, all the singers were coming together to do the closing for the show. And then the lighting structure was a little tilted and there was also sparks, Onew who had seen that received shocked and fainted.”

“I was so worried but it was fortunate that he did not suffer from any injuries” and he joked “From then on, I hated Onew”.

The PD continued, “The use of ‘broadcast accident’ has been over-used these days. The ‘mistakes’ that singers made during live broadcast like forgetting their lyrics have been called ‘broadcast accidents’. The real ‘broadcast accidents’ are those which had the production flustered and shocked.”

Meanwhile, on 12th March some of the special appearance on the show includes Epik High and F.cuz.

Poor Onew :c It seems he's really got some bad luck. I hope there won't be more accidents like that in the future

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Cover or plagiarism?

Recently surfacing through YouTube, a video titled ‘KH Stars – Ring Ding Dong‘ has been gaining the interest of netizens.

The video reveals a 5-member Cambodian group performing a song very similar to SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. From the song to the choreography, the Cambodian group is seen trying their best to copy SHINee, but one can notice right away that the quality isn’t as great as the real version.

Netizens have shown their opinions, commenting things such as, “Their group’s name is even ‘Ring Ding Dong’,” “If you’re going to copy, at least do it well” and “In 2009, they copied Wonder Girls. Now it’s SHINee.

Regarding this issue, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 7th:

We have never received any notice from them asking if they can use the song. This is definitely an illegal action. After confirming the details, we will take appropriate legal action.

Here you can check out for youself 3 plagiats - 2 of Ring Ding Dong and one of Lucifer.

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SHINee with Fans

Every idol is different so their fans vary too. One band's fame does not only depend on their talent, looks or charisma but the fanbaseIt's us - fans who listen to their music, appreciate the effort they put into making an excellent performance and support them now matter what obstacles occur. In this entry let's see how SHINee treat their fans - how important we are to them (and other way around :P)

Każdy idol jest inny i ma on innych fanów. Od tego jak sławny jest zespół nie zależą tylko talenty i wygląd członków, ale w dużej mierze ich kariera jest oparta na FANACH! To właśnie MY-FANI jesteśmy słuchaczami i odbiorcami wszelkich starań Idoli. Dużo dla nas robią, i w dzisiejszym poście chcę pokazać jak FANI ważni są dla SHINee i Oni dla FANÓW.

It must be nice to receive an autograph from your idol smiling at you so sweetly c:
Jak miło jest dostać autograf od osoby, która z takim czystym spojrzeniem na nas patrzy.

It's also nice when our idol cares to take a look when you're desperately trying to get his attention (in most cases calling them only results in sore throat and nothing else, trust me >:T other celebities I mean xD)
Również miło jest gdy nasz idol odwróci głowę by spojrzeć na nas chodź przez chwilkę.

Another example showing that a sweet smile costs nothing and can totally make your day c:
Kolejny przykład na to że uśmiech nic nie kosztuje, a daje tak wiele.

Still, sometimes fans get too excited and forget about basic manners, throwing themselves at poor artists. I can imagime how scary it must be to have a wild crowd trying to rape you after you :x
Jednak czasem fani zapominają o jakiejkolwiek kulturze i rzucają się na bogu ducha winnych artystów strasząc ich swoim zachowaniem.

So, don't be a rabid fan but a good one and maybe someday this will earn you a photo like that c:
Jednak długo nie można się gniewać na swoich słodkich fanów ^^

With fans in background
Z fanami w tle

Somewhere in the crowd
I w tłumie^^
Taemin,autographs and Asia unni tears :)

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Taemin and Key dance Genie (SNSD)

SHINee Dance Revolution :)

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Funny SHINing macros^^

Hello there. This time have a laugh with amusing macros.
Now imma going to eat mah lunch.

Oh snap, now I better hand it to him before something bad happens. My luuunch!! T__T

I see you enjoyed my lunch Onew -_-

Have Fun With SHINee and the Chicken ^^

Eating again :)


No, no I swear it wasn't me! Somebody HELP ME!!!!


It's true  ^^

Have some more chicken...it's really famous in SHINee's kitchen ^^

THE CHICKEN OF COURSE! che what were you thinking?

Let's Dance Together!

He really wants to sleep with somebody...

...so Our Asia unni can do him a favor (guee-yo-oowu :P)

SECOND THAT! oh u little perv >:3

TAERRY LEETER (u get the joke, don't cha? xD)

Blame Onew

Epic hair indeed

Keep in mind that he's still a minor :x IT'S SO DISTURBING D:

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This poll is closed.

If you met any of SHINee's members on a street how would you react?

hide and watch him from a distance
have a fangasm and well... act like a rabid fangirl
pretend you don't see him
intentionally bump into him and act like it's his fault
hug him and tell him 'I love you' :)
eat pizza

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SHINee's House

Today we would like to show you a few photos of the group's house. Enjoy!

First, boys with their favorite things:

Their kitchen:

Shoes; thanks to the cleaning lady everything looks so tidy :)

Bedroom... so they all sleep in one room, huh.
Imagine this situation. Taemin wants to read a book 'cause he's a good student and all so he turns the light on.
Onew: Taemin ah turn the light off, I want to sleep >.<
T: But... I need to read this for my biology lesson :c
O: And I need to sleep so I won't have dark circles under eyes.
T: Hyung pweese! *puppy eyes*
O: Oh no - I ain't giving in again! If you want to read then get your ass to the kitchen D:<
*taemin leaves with a kicked-puppy look on*

Impressive manga(manhwa?) collection

Having fun playing video games :] ('Get Taemin Naked' perhaps? (A/N - couldn't stop her inner yaoi fangirl))

Checking out our blog (=w=b

Jong Hyun's puppet

So many awards! We're not surprised though, they're so talented

Advertising banana milk even in your free time Minho? xD


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Welcome to our newly founded SHINeeholic blog. If you have some time to waste and love SHINee like us then you're in the right place. We shall upload here the most interesting informations and footage we can find and respond to all of your questins. Our aim is to make SHINee realize that they have devoted fans all over the world. We hope that in the future thanks to this page they will notice us. Thank you for attention :)

Witamy na naszym SHINeeholic blogu. Jeżeli nie masz co zrobić z czasem i kochasz SHINee tak jak my to trafiłaś na właściwą stronę. Postaramy się umieszczać tutaj jak najwięcej ciekawych informacji na temat zespołu oraz odpowiadać na nurtujące was pytania. Naszym celem jest uświadomienie SHINee, że ich fanbase sięga daleko poza granice Korei Południowej. Mamy nadzieję iż w przyszłości dzięki tej stronie zespół dowie się o istnieniu polskich fanów. Będziemy się starać ze wszystkich sił wspierać ich, a przy odrobinie szczęścia zostanie to zauważone :)

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